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September is Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month

NOW OPEN! PUBLIC AUCTION Hand cut filigree, artistic papercut lung under the hammer!

As part of the PF Awareness Month campaign, during IPF Awareness Week (18-25 September) we are launching a public action to raise funds for IPF research.

Auction item: Filigree, artistic papercut lung hand cut by the Breathing Life campaign designer, a professional papercut artist
Format: DIN A3
Paper: 120g/m2, natural white
Frame: The lung is placed in a beautiful wooden oak frame with Perspex on both sides
Papercut Artist: Marie-Christine Hollerith //

IPF Awareness Week (18 to 25 September). The auction ends on 25th September with the highest bidder winning the auction and paying for the artistic papercut lung.

We will announce the winner on 25th of September 12:00h CEST.

The auctioned money will be donated to ERN-LUNG, the European Reference Network on Respiratory Diseases. ERN-LUNG is a non-profit, patient-centric network of European healthcare providers and patient organisations, committed Europe-wide and globally to reducing morbidity and mortality from rare lung diseases in people of all ages through patient care, advocacy, education, research and knowledge-sharing.

For more information please refer to the ERN-LUNG website at where you will find a wealth of information materials.

The minimum fee will be 60 EUR.

Submit your bid via this form

You will be able to see the currently highest bid at the time of placing your own. However, to preserve bidders´ anonymity, no details on the bidder will be made visible.

Are you looking for a unique piece of art to grace your meeting room?

Do you want to give a new, fresh touch to your living room, bed room or home offi ce?

Please place your bid and support a good cause!

Download Auction Paper

Breathing Life

Despite PF being a fatal disease, there is still a lack of awareness, which can result in late diagnosis, losing valuable treatment time and, above all, time to enjoy life. Therefore, we join the PF Awareness Month using the slogan Breathing Life to draw attention to PF, its implications and the changes it brings about in daily life as well as the physical and psychological strain that the disease places on patients and their loved ones. In the week running from 18-25 September we focus especially on IPF. We also want to focus on the essential moments of lightness, normalcy and happiness that people with PF still experience despite the burden of the disease.

Thanks for joining PF Awareness Month and IPF Awareness Week and helping raise awareness!

What is PF?

Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) is a progressive, irreversible, chronic lung disease causing scarring of the lung tissue with no known cure. In Europe it currently affects more than 300,000 people with over 50,000 losing their lives to PF each year. The most common type of PF is Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), accounting for 200,000 patients in Europe. The average life expectancy following diagnosis of PF or IPF is about three to five years, with a better prognosis depending on early diagnosis and adequate treatment.

#BreathingLife campaign material

We have developed digital and printed campaign materials for this year´s awareness campaign. The materials are available in 10 different languages (Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish). Please find the materials in your respective language below!

We have developed a 'How-to-use' sheet too, which is available here. We have also developed a fact sheet on Pulmonary Fibrosis. Please find it here.

You can help create awareness by

  • Following and sharing our posts using the campaign hashtags #BreathingLife and #PFMonth.
  • Spreading online materials and sharing your posts, thoughts and personal stories on Facebook or Twitter using the campaign hashtags.
  • Cutting your easy-to-cut papercut lung and sharing your selfie on Social Media or send it to to have it posted on Please refer to the example below! For more information and to access the templates, please click here.
  • Following our member organisations and sharing their posts, adding the dedicated hashtags.
  • Sending our online flyer and other digital campaign materials such as “Breathing Life” posters, etc. to friends, relatives, PF stakeholders, politicians, press offices and others in your country.
  • Keeping an eye on EU-IPFF’s social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and on this website during PF Awareness Month and IPF Awareness Week.

Campaign posts

Visuals and videos from PF Awareness campaign 2020

PF scars your lungs

Making breathing and everyday activities a struggle

Alice's story

Every year, additional 30,000-35,000 new patients will be diagnosed with PF

Alberts Story

I am lucky to be on the active list of patients awaiting transplantation

Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness in general

EU-IPFF works in various ways to raise awareness of Pulmonary Fibrosis. We conduct awareness campaigns, develop material for carers, doctors and patients, arrange webinars and summits with professionals and specialists sharing their research, thoughts, knowledge and enthusiasm to really make a difference for people affected by PF.


A series ofEU-IPFF webinars. Everybody can join to meet professionals presenting and discussing the most relevant topics.

Patient Summits

Bringing together patients, healthcare professionals, policy makers and industry representatives.


People affected by PF sharing their stories

Benchmarking Report

The EU-IPFF have developed two editions of its benchmarking report to compare diagnistics, treatment and care of PF patients all over Europe.

The consultation guide

We develop material for doctors, carers and patiemts - the Consultation Guide is an example

IPF Charter

The aim of the Patient Charter, a patient–physician initiative, was to develop better care based on perceptions of patient advocacy groups regarding inequalities and unmet needs in IPF care

Sponsors of #BreathingLife campaign 2021