Bubbles for Help - a great video by Focus Patient

The Bubbles for Help film aims to raise awareness of IPF as well as to highlight the importance of support groups.

We at EU-IPFF are also strong believers that support groups are of essence for patients. They provide a familiar ground, advice from patients to patients and also guidance for carers, families and friends. We at EU-IPFF all started off as individual support groups around Europe and have come together to unite our voices and fight for the future of patients with IPF.

We hope that films like Bubbles for Help will be liked, shared and commented on in order to raise awareness of IPF and the importance of joining or creating a patient support group.

Additional Information: 

  • Contributing Doctors: Prof. Dr. Veronika Müller, Hungary; Dr. Katarzyna Lewandowska, Poland; Dr. Martina Sterclova, Czech Republic; Prof. Dr. Martina Vasakiva, Czech Republic.
  • Contributing Patients or Advocates: Eva Kalmar, Austria; Elena Aleksandrova, Bulgaria; Lech Karpowicz, Poland; Maria Rigo, Hungary; Jiri Trnka, Czech Republic.
  • The video is available with English, German, Hungarian, Czech, Polish and Bulgarian subtitles