EU-IPFF and Three Lakes Partners organise global advocacy meeting during ERS Congress 2017 in Milan

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The European Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis & Related Disorders Federation (EU-IPFF) met with Three Lakes Partners on September 10th during the European Respiratory Society Congress 2017. Together they kicked off a multi stakeholder dialogue on a global initiative of the IPF community on catalysing international efforts to improve the quality of life of IPF patients and caregivers.

The thought-provoking discussion, organised on the side lines of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) Congress in Milan, saw the participation of a diverse group of patient groups, healthcare professionals, industry representatives and international organisations active in IPF. Stakeholders shared their own inspiring ideas and best practices that will make a difference for IPF patients and promote better understanding and awareness of IPF from around the world.

Encouraged by the stimulating atmosphere, participants agreed to join global efforts in raising awareness around IPF with the ultimate aim of drawing the attention of the general public and policy makers to this devastating disease. With this meeting, the IPF community has laid the foundation for the creation of a dedicated social network aiming to scale up successful best practices and further amplify the already marvellous efforts made by patient groups and their partners around the globe.

EU-IPFF and Three Lakes Partners are excited to continue their fruitful collaboration in the future to ensure that therapeutic and diagnostic advances in the field of IPF will be delivered to the benefit of patients and their families. 

In addition to our new collaboration with Three Lakes Partner, we also want to thank Renée Fleming for her engaging and thoughtful video on why we should fight for IPF. Renée Fleming is an American opera singer and soprano, who has touched many lives around the world through the art of music. Throughout her career she met a family who lost their matriarch, Julie, due to IPF in July 2015. Despite not knowing much about this devastating disease at that time, Renée now wants to help raise awareness for IPF around the world. As Renée points out: "It is time to bring attention, advocacy and education around the world together in the fight against IPF."


About Three Lakes Partners

Three Lakes Partners is a venture philanthropy organisation created specifically to support the fight against IPF.  Their mission is to accelerate the development of promising technologies through targeted investments and gifts, and by incentivizing collaboration at every juncture.  TLP aims to improve patient and caregiver quality of life, drive early diagnostic advances and help to enable meaningful therapeutic discoveries.


Media Contact

For media inquiries please contact:

Liam Galvin, Secretary of EU-IPFF

Elizabeth Estes, Chief Marketing Officer, Three Lakes Partner