Talk about it! 10 meetings in 10 hospitals.

The Dutch Pulmonary Fibrosis Society in cooperation with 10 hospitals is organising 10 meetings in 10 different hospitals in the Netherlands during the IPF World Week 2018. During these meetings, patients, carers and healthcare professionals will learn more about pulmonary fibrosis. Different topics will be covered, among which: diagnosis, treatment, oxygen therapy and the impact of the disease in patients' daily lives.  

The Dutch Pulmonary Fibrosis Society will also take this opportunity to present its activities and to launch its new campaign: 'You don't have pulmonary fibrosis by yourself, talk about it!'.  The aim of this campaign is to encourage patients living with pulmonary fibrosis to seek the support of their carers and to educate the carers on how to support their loved ones. 

Additional information is available at this link and at the following email address: