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Call for abstracts and posters - deadline is 31 March, 2021

The call for abstracts and posters will cover the thematic sessions of the three tracks:

1) research

2) person-centred care

3) policy and advocacy

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract/poster submission deadline is 31 March, 2021.

  • Abstracts/posters will only be accepted via email to:

  • The official Summit language is English; therefore, abstracts/posters should be written only in English.

  • The abstract should not exceed 3000 characters (not including space and pictures).

  • Posters should be provided in PDF format.

  • Authors agree and accept publishing approved abstracts/posters on the EU-IPFF website.

  • The sender of the abstract/poster holds the responsibility of the contents being approved and authorised by other authors.

  • The authors have acknowledged any conflict of interests.

  • Only the first letters of each word in abstract/poster title should be capital letter. Name and surname information should be clearly written, no abbreviation should be used.

  • After the submission is completed, the sender will receive a confirmation email to the address indicated at submission.

  • After the evaluation is completed, the acceptance/rejection will be sent via email to the e-mail address indicated at submission.