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How to get involved in the PF cause

EU-IPFF President Steve Jones on Twitter January 2021:

"More people die of pulmonary fibrosis than leukaemia or ovarian cancer – so why is the disease so little known? Let’s work together in 2021 to raise awareness of this devastating disease."

EU-IPFF works to raise awareness of Pulmonary Fibrosis - only this way we can improve treatment and survival of the disease.

We need more help to do this by people who take an active part in the efforts to make politicians in Europe and Health Care authorities realise that people suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis need their help and efforts to support research, development of treatment and improved health care and follow-up on the many people who develop the disease.

There are several ways to get involved - to be directly involved your organisation can be a member or associated member of EU-IPFF or you can be a sponsor or suppport us in other ways.

Apply for organisational membership

Fill in the form and submit it to the EU-IPFF secretariat and we will come back to you

Apply for associated membership

Associated members are for instance large organisations outside EU

Become a sponsor

EU-IPFF raise money for its activities through sponsorships, which enable us to work with our members to fulfill our mission