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Finding trials


Finding a Trial

To help you find clinical trials that may best suit your particular needs, use the filters on the left-hand side of the page below.

This clinical trial finder obtains information directly from, a service of the United States’ National Institutes of Health, which provides details on publicly and privately supported clinical studies conducted around the world. We strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor about the trials that interest you and any medical questions you may have.

Terms of Service

The information provided below on clinical trials is for informational purposes only and it is not a substitute for medical consultation with your healthcare provider. We do not recommend or endorse any specific study and you are advised to discuss the information shown with your healthcare provider. While we believe the information presented on this website to be accurate at the time of writing, we do not guarantee that its contents are correct, complete, or applicable to any particular individual situation. We strongly encourage individuals to seek out appropriate medical advice and treatment from their doctors. We cannot guarantee the availability of any clinical trial listed and will not be responsible if you are considered ineligible to participate in a given clinical trial. We are also not liable for any injury arising as a result of participation. The safety and scientific validity of each study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. EU-IPFF does not promote or represent that any experimental drugs mentioned are safe or effective.

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Finding trials