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Invitation: Advocate Development Program (ADP)

Invitation: Advocate Development Program (ADP)


This training programme is for EU-IPFF members and associate members and takes 10 months (from end June 2021)

We are happy to announce the launch of the EU-IPFF first Advocate Development Program (ADP).

We think that to better represent the needs of IPF/PF patients and to increase impact of IPF/PF patient advocacy, it is important that key representatives of the EU-IPFF member/associate members organisations are well-trained and empowered towards patient experts.

For that reason, we have designed a one‐year training programme for a small number (max. 8) of leading patient advocates active in any of the EU‐IPFF member /associate organisations

The programme is aimed to increase the members’ capacity as leading patient advocates in IPF/PF and related disorders and will enable the participants to become an influential expert patient advocate.

The one-year training programme will comprise regular webinars and interactive training meetings.

How will the training take place?

This training programme takes 10 months (starting end of June 2021) to complete at a relatively comfortable pace, e.g. one online webinar with interactive questions and answers per month (except for the month of August)


  • Review of pre‐reading texts, presentations and webinars/videos may be required by participants of this programme prior to each lesson.
  • Short tests or reflective questions will support the learning process further.
  • An online platform will provide the course material and allow interaction between participants and with course faculty.
  • The training programme will be held in English.

Are you interested in participating?

Please complete the attached expression of interest and send it to the EU-IPFF Secretariat ( by 5th of June 2021. The training applications will be reviewed by the EU-IPFF Board Members.

Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat if you have any questions.