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IPF & Me - An Exercise Programme program from GetphY by Siel Bleu

IPF & Me - An Exercise Programme program from GetphY by Siel Bleu


The programme, which is launched today 28th June 2021, is designed for patients with patients and is available to patients living in the UK and Italy only.

Following the previous successful partnerships between the Siel Bleu Foundation and our French and Spanish Patient Groups the EU-IPFF is pleased to offer free access to the specifically designed IPF & ME adapted physical exercise programme to patients in the UK and Italy. The programme is in both English and Italian.

Whilst the EU-IPFF continues its call for easy and equal access to professional Pulmonary Rehabilitation across Europe we recognise that many patients can benefit from online exercise programmes whether provided locally by our patient groups or in partnership with organisations like Siel Bleu.

We see this programme as one that might be a additional benefit to some patients but not as a replacement for a healthcare professionally delivered programme.

The Siel Bleu Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of physical wellbeing and exercise. Their IPF & ME programme for IPF patients has been designed with the help of both patients & experts so we really hope that patients in both the UK and Italy will both benefit from and enjoy this online programme as our Spanish and French members have.

Please register here IPF & Me - A program from GetphY by Siel Bleu