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Lung Diseases and COVID-19 Online Congress for the Public

Lung Diseases and COVID-19 Online Congress for the Public


Turkish Thoracic Society's second public congress

The congress will take place on February 26th and 27th, 2022, between 12:00-18:00 (10 am- 4 pm CET). There will be a total of 24 sessions, each lasting for half an hour.

EU-IPFF President Steve Jones has been invited to speak at a session on the topic "Who is eligible for a lung transplant?" together with Erdal Yekeler and Kamil Hamidullah

Within the scope of this congress; the community, which includesTurkish patients and/or their relatives will have the opportunity to access the most up-to-date and accurate information about lung diseases and COVID, as well as to ask live questions, which is a nice chance for people with concerns about applying to the hospitals due to the pandemic.

The programme summarizes the rich content of the “Online- Lung Diseases and COVID-19 Congress for the Public", which will be discussed mainly by specialists on the various topics. The conference will be online live in Turkish via the Turkish Thoracic Society's social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram). Basically all aspects of being affected by lund disease will be covered at the conference from check-up, coughing, smoking, treatment incl. lung transplant, pulmonary rehabilitation, Covid and vaccines etc.

It will be possible to follow the congress with simultaneous English translation via a YouTube channel called “Turkish Thoracic Society

Please find congress poster and programme below: