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Palliative care prolongs life
Gudrun Kreye, Palliative Care Unit in Krems / Austria

Palliative care prolongs life


PF and palliative care: "Palliative care is a form of care that provides a relief of disease symptoms. (…) it's appropriate at any stage of a disease. It is not only end of life care." – Gudrun Kreye, Palliative Care Unit in Krems / Austria, said at the PF Summit 2021

Gudrun Kreye and Eva K. Masels article: "Demystification of palliative care: what palliative care teams don’t want you to think about them" is interesting reading, where the authours do away with three myths about palliative care:

Myth 1: palliative care only deals with dying

Myth 2: palliative care mainly deals with talking

Myth 3: palliative care is demoralizing

There is, they say, robust data that palliative care is prolonging life while there are still prejudices towards this discipline that have to be demystified. Patients, relatives and caregivers benefit from the concept of early integration of palliative care and therefore, palliative care should not be mainly regarded as end-oflife care.