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Join our ONLINE YOGA classes for free from today through 25th September

As part of the #BreathingLife campaign during #PFMonth and our strong focus on quality of life, EU-IPFF offers daily online yoga sessions for everyone during IPF awareness week 2021

Join us for 6 sessions of chair yoga and 2 sessions of eye yoga (a nice way of finding relaxation) by Samantha Nier.

You may know Samantha from the EU-IPFF Secretariat. Since few years, during her free time, she is also guiding yoga classes and especially chair yoga classes.

Samantha developed those classes based on her personal experience as a patient as well as from her work with (cancer) patients and their caregivers.

These classes are for everyone who want to feel his/her body moving and reconnect to it.

If you have never done yoga and want to discover it, if you are a patient (cancer, chronic disease or any other condition, under treatment or not), if you are a bit older, if you are not a sporty person, if you don’t feel like going into a studio or a fitness, etc. Whatever the reason is, yoga offers a lot of benefits!


Saturday 18th: 45 min - 9AM CET – Chair yoga

Sunday 19th: 30 min - 9AM CET – Chair yoga

Monday 20th: 30 min - 17:30 PM CET – Eye yoga and meditation

Tuesday 21st: 30 min - 12PM CET – Chair yoga

Wednesday 22nd: 30 min - 8:00AM CET – Chair yoga

Thursday 23rd: 30 min - 17:30PM CET – Eye yoga and meditation

Friday 24th: 30 min - 12PM CET – Chair yoga

Saturday 25th: 45 min - 9AM CET – Chair yoga

What you need for the classes:

  • For chair yoga: a chair without armrests and wheels, comfy clothes, and a bit of space around you
  • For eye yoga and meditation: comfy clothes, candle, blanket, etc. anything to feel comfy and cosy!

Register for classes

In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Samantha Nier on e-mail: