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What we do - EU-IPFF in action:

  • Promoting awareness and defending interests of PF patients across Europe through a united patient voice
  • The EU-IPFF Charter: A patient-physician initiative aimed at gathering perceptions from European patient advocacy groups regarding inequalities and unmet needs in IPF care
  • The IPF Benchmarking Report:This comparison of care standards (in 16 EU countries) identifies best practices to be encouraged and gaps to be filled, and also proposed concrete solutions to improve patients’ quality of life
  • Declaration on IPF: In April 2016, a written declaration on IPF was launched with the support of 16 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). The declaration aims to promote better cooperation between EU Member States to address existing health inequalities and promote research activities to find its cause and a cure

EU-IPFF is the European Pulmonary Fibrosis Federation

EU-IPFF is an umbrella organisation for European Pulmonary Fibrosis Organisations. We work member oriented and politically to raise awareness on a political and public level of Pulmonary Fibrosis in Europe with a focus on differences and similarities from country to country regarding diagnostics and treatment.

We work closely with medical experts and researchers in Europe and in individual European countries aiming to put focus on the disease, the diagnostic pathway and existing treatment as well as research and potential development of new treatment modalities. We contribute to scientific articles, surveys and reports on the political level and we arrange summits and webinars in collaboration with our health care partbers to provide updates on all aspects of the disease for our members and we contribute to to raise awareness on Pulmonbary Fibrosis during the annual Pulmonary Fibrosis Month and the IPF week in September through public campaigns.

Our website news section, social media communications and our quaterly newsletter are important instruments in out communications efforts.

Finally - we collaborate with other Pulmonary Fibrosis organisations word-wide aiming to put a pressure on health care authorities and improve knowledge of Pulmonary Fibrosis as a devastating disease affecting a huge amount of people every year.

Please find the results of our work through the menu to the right.

What we do at a glance