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Member activities

The EU-IPFF provides our member organisation with a bouquet of initiatives that aims to raise awareness of the disease, provide information and tools, access to research updates mostly provided by the advisory board but also by other researchers in the field of pulmonary fibrosis.



EU-IPFF webinars where everybody can join to meet professionals presenting and discussing the most relevant topics.

Patient Summits

Bringing together patients, healthcare professionals, policy makers and industry representatives.

Awareness campaigns

Campaigns to create awareness of Pulmonary Fibrosis


EU-IPFF seeks influence politically through participation in and developing reports on the situation for Pulmonary Fibrosis patients


We develop material/tools for doctors, carers and patients - the Consultation Guide is an example

Patient Advocacy

EU-IPFF has developed a patient advocacy programme to teach it's members cross Europe how to make patients' voices heard

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are important to develop new and better medications. The Clinical Trial Finder helps people to identify clinical trials near them.


EU-IPFF publishes a quarterly newsletter on its activities, research, policy and other matteres of interest to people with EU-IPFF