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Awareness campaigns 2019 and 2020

Use the #MyPFstory hastag

No one can talk about a disease better than those who live with it and experience its effects every day. PF patients, their families and the medical professionals that help them, are the best advocates to raise awareness and create a better understanding of the disease. We encourage everybody who has experience with PF - as a patient, carer or healthcare professional – to share their personal story and knowledge on social media by using the #MyPFstory hashtag.


  • Raise public awareness about PF in Europe through personal stories from patients, doctors, nurses and carers.
  • Share facts and data about the disease to create a better understanding of its symptoms and ways to diagnose it.
  • Our campaign encourages Advocate for better access to treatment and understanding of PF.
  • Make a difference for PF patients and those who care for them.


Alice's story

Every year, additional 30,000-35,000 new patients will be diagnosed with PF

Alberts Story

I am lucky to be on the active list of patients awaiting transplantation

Anne Marie Russel

Doctoral Clinical Research Fellow

Francoise Enjalran

Carer France

Harry van den Haak

IPF patient Netherlands

Katarzyna Lewandowska

Doctor Poland

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly, Member of European Parliament