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Research and Clinical Trials

The EU-IPFF is committed to promoting research into Pulmonary Fibrosis at all levels and by all stakeholders whether academia, industry, independent researcher or patient organisation.

We work with our partners like the European Reference Network on Rare Respiratory Diseases (ERN-Lung) and the members of our Scientific Advisory Board to act as a catalyst for research and data gathering so that the impact of the various forms of Pulmonary Fibrosis can be better understood, managed and treated.

As a patient organisation led by patients we urge patients and their loved ones to participate whenever possible in clinical trials and have provided the EU-IPFF Clinical Trial Finder to ensure that information on all types of trials are available to our community in a easily accessible & understandable way whilst the EXABO platform provides a way that patients or their loved ones from wherever they are in Europe can ask questions and get answers from the clinician experts who partner with us at ERN-Lung.

The European IPF Patient Charter sees expanded but targeted research as a continual vital need for all those with IPF and other forms of Pulmonary Fibrosis and so this page and the Library section of the website highlights both the latest and most significant research.


Exabo Expert Advice Board

Expert doctors at ERN-Lung will provide answers on Pulmonary Fibrosis and other Interstitial Lung Diseases to patients and their loved ones via the easy to use of online EXABO platform.

Visit the platform here:



Clinical Trial Finder

Promoting and fostering idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) research initiatives across Europe is one of the EU-IPFF’s core objectives. This includes engaging policy-makers in promoting research activities to find the cause and a cure for IPF, as well as initiatives to systematically involve patient organisations in clinical trial planning and development.

Clinical trials are research studies to explore if an experimental treatment is safe and effective in treating a particular medical condition. Clinical trials are not possible without patient participation and are key to accelerating the development of new treatment options. The EU-IPFF Clinical Trial Finder is intended to inform patients about ongoing clinical trials and to help raise awareness of these studies.

Use the EU-IPFF Clinical Trial Finder to locate clinical trials near you: